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Medicinal products and narcotics

Even when travelling within the EU, certain rules on the movement of medicinal products must be observed. If you are reliant on medicinal products that fall under narcotics legislation you may only take them with you if you can show an appropriate certificate from your doctor.

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If you are travelling within the EU with cash and equivalent means of payment to a total value of 10,000 euros or more, you must declare the sum verbally to the customs inspection teams when asked.

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The movement of non-approved fireworks into the Federal Republic of Germany is prohibited under the provisions of the Explosives Act, and is therefore punishable.

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Publications or media likely to harm minors and unconstitutional publications

To protect public order and morality the movement of media (for example, publications, sound and vision media, data storage media, or depictions) that are likely to harm minors or that have unconstitutional content into or out of another EU member state is monitored.

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Cultural assets

Transport network inspection teams ensure that the rules on cultural assets are observed by travellers within the EU. There are no schemes for specific customs clearance procedures.

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Weapons and ammunition

When moving or taking weapons and ammunition from or into another EU member state certain requirements to seek authorisation must always be observed.

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